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Quit your @U2 complaining

I’m growing weary of the U2 iTunes record complaining. I was happily surprised by it. If you’ve got beef, blame Tim Cook. Stop using iTunes. As far as the quality of the music, I think the criticism has been pretty shit so far. I played in a touring rock band that played alongside the likes of Interpol and mostly listen to indie rock, folk, and americana with some beats thrown in, but I agree with a lot of what Fricke had to say. It’s not Achtung Baby, but it ain’t a dog. MP3s are on the way out, Apple’s music service is in clear need of re-invention, Bono should take off the sunglasses, his vocals are a little hot in the mix, but melody and craft wins. And these dudes still get and give a shit about it. I’m ok with musical spam if it sounds like this. There are much bigger digital sins. Get over it.

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Making it happen

If you want to make it happen, get off your ass.
Don’t rely on email or wait for answers. See things through.

If you want to make it happen, stop talking and start making. 
Get in a room and figure it out. Make decisions quickly.

If you want to make it happen, make sure the mission is clear.
Repeat it over and over and over. Write it on the wall.

If you want to make it happen, mind your manners. 
People respond well to please and thank you. 

If you want to make it happen, always be accountable.
Don’t bring problems, bring solutions.

If you want to make it happen, make friends with your team.
People who have fun together win together. 

If you want to make it happen, keep your mind open.
Surround yourself with smarter people than you and listen. 

If you want to make it happen, stay positive.
Yell at the the problem not the person.

If you want to make it happen, run to the problem.
Lead the conversation. Define resolution.

If you want to make it happen, don’t accept impossible.
Work harder than anyone else. Do whatever it takes. 

If you make it happen, you know that it’s never easy.
Remarkable invention doesn’t happen without a fight.

Having young, diverse creative talent is critical for success in any creative business. We’re excited for our first residency. We’re going to accept 10 for our inaugural class. If you’re an inventor, designer, UX person, technologist, or ad creative, who lives and breathes marketing, creativity, and technology, this is the right program for you. Applications for Summer 2014 accepted soon.

We started working on the new over a year ago. Our objectives were to help the brand make an innovative leap and drive sales conversions. Most car sites are glorified brochures and not useful. That’s why more shoppers are spending more time on 3rd party sites such as, True Car, and Edmunds, where they can get transparent pricing, reviews, and find real inventory without jumping through hoops. We wanted to reverse the trend.  

During the discovery phase, we analyzed site data, did rounds of qualitative testing, and concluded that most people who visited our site were there to shop. Not watch ads. That’s what they do on YouTube and elsewhere. Rather than put the focus on brand marketing, we decided to instead focus on shopper needs. That led us to ecommerce and dating. It led us to Matchmaker – the of car shopping. A branded shopping tool designed to match people to real cars they love quickly and intuitively. 

We’re still a little ways out from launch, but the above video is a pretty good preview of what’s to come. Congratulations to the Volkswagen and Deutsch LA teams who have slaved over this project for the last 15 months. There have been countless ‘first there, last to leave’ days.